Yay For Typos and a Lack of Commas.

(Over Twitter)


D: “A coworker is walking around the office with a Bob Marley dreads hat and a shirt with Jesus holding a dinosaur and Elvis with some KFC.”

Me: “Wait, is your coworker or Jesus holding Elvis? And is your coworker, Elvis, or Jesus holding the KFC?”

Me: “Wait, your coworker is walking around with JESUS AND ELVIS?!”

B: ” i knew elvis wasn’t dead!”

Me: “Why would he be holding a dinosaur while he’s walking around with Jesus, anyway?” 

Me: ” How does he hold dinosaur, Elvis, AND KFC? ”

D: “Before receive more weird tweets, I should clarify that pictures of Jesus and Elvis were printed on my coworker’s shirt.”

D: “I only wish my coworker was hanging out with Elvis and Jesus.”

B: “but ……. Elvis isint dead right? :-P”

D: “ELVIS IS DEAD?! …Then who did I see at the wedding I went to in Vegas last week?”

Me: “That was John Lennon.”

B: “no, elvis never died. He’s hanging out with the little green dudes in area 51”

Me: “Gosh, do you think Jesus listens to Elvis? Are Jews allowed to eat chicken?”

D: “Are you kidding? Didn’t you know he’s the headlining entertainment for the Marriage Feast? ;)”

B: “wait a minute ….. You went to vegas??”


Thing to be happy about #6:  This conversation.




One thought on “Yay For Typos and a Lack of Commas.

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