Happy Birthday, Michael!

So today is my friend’s, Mike’s, birthday! Last night, on Facebook, he changed his status to “Michael turns 17 at 3 am tomorrow… Hope everyone knows.”   Well. I’m a big one for birthdays. So I told him, “I’m going to tell you happy birthday at three tomorrow!  I will. I”ll set my alarm!”  

Now, I am aware that telling him this turns that into a big commitment – no going back on my word.   But. of course I didn’t wake up when that alarm went off this morning!  Oh, Crap.

So. I had to do something about it. And when said “thing” was done, I told all and explained everything in a wall post to him today.  It says it all:

Okay, so here’s the deal: My plan was to set an alarm to wake up at three and tell you happy birthday. However, I did not wake up when said alarm sounded, and therefore, I missed this opportunity.

I felt SO awful about it that I bought a plane ticket flew all the way over here to Dhaka, Bangladesh, where it IS currently 3 am, so “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

I think that pretty much makes up for it.


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