These might be for you.

My personal notes to a potential suitor:

#1: Music is a huge part of my life. I will introduce you to my favorite artists. And I will be looking for some indication of what you think. If you love it, let me know. If you don’t, tell me why.

#2: Please dance with me. =] Goofily(?) and all other kinds of dancing. Don’t worry, I suck at it, too.

#3: A lack of respect towards me is a deal-breaker. No excuses.

#4: It’d be totally awesome if you would be all about holidays with me. Including National Get Over It Day. (March 9th)

#5: Please let me vent. And, if you disagree with me, please let me finish ranting before you say that you can see the other side. If you make an argument for the opposite side while I’m ranting, it’ll probably just start a fight.

#6: Please, please don’t close off. Especially during an argument. Let’s always talk, okay?

#7: Do not text me 24/7. Everyday? Sure, I’m down with that. But let me get to sleep at a reasonable hour. Let me go to school. And don’t freak if it takes me a little while to respond. I have a life.

#8: Be okay with no PDA. Holding hands is fine, but let’s not ever be attatched at the hip.

#9: Honesty is an absolute must. It’s a core value for me, so I hope it is for you, too. Don’t be the type to just tell me what you think I want to hear.

#10: Yes, I probably would prefer to buy the book as opposed to borrowing it from the library.

#11: Please don’t be one of those people who freak out about their picture being taken. I think you’re cute. And bad pictures happen to even the best of us. A picture is only embarrassing if you choose to be embarrassed by it. And you are not any picture of you. If necessary, and in those situations where you really don’t want your picture taken (I have those, too), please be mature about it and respond by saying something like, “honey, please not today. We’ll get pictures together some other time, okay?” as opposed to freaking out. Or you could suggest a compromise: Let me take a couple pictures in return for letting you pick the next movie we watch or having me pay for dinner sometime.

#12: On that note, if a compromise is to be made, let’s specify at the moment it is being suggested what the conditions are for each party. Don’t hold it over my head that I owe you something.

#13: One word: HYGIENE!

#14: Please don’t ever feed me. It’s so awkward. For me and everyone else.

#15: Drive me places, but I’d like to drive sometimes, too.

#16: I can pretty much guaruntee that I’ll try to imitate the way you talk. I do that. Please find amusement in it and don’t get offended. I don’t do it to mock you; I love linguistics.

#17: Please, no buzz-cuts.  Have hair.

#18: Please be a fellow musician. But if you are, don’t be critical or try to give me lessons unless I ask you for it.

#19: Be a real man – Love God.

#20: I would absolutely love it if you made “your face” jokes with me. =]  And if you remember that I like Chuck Norris jokes.

#21: If you interacct well with kids, I’ll melt.  =]



 (inspired by this)

7 thoughts on “These might be for you.

  1. #1: Always a cool thing. Music is a constant discovery of art. And I love what you listen to. It’s all very quircky and nothing I’ve ever heard of. Double cool with knobs. 😉

    #2: Absolutely.

    #3: That’s huge in relationships.

    #4: Haha! I was on break between classes and sitting with a couple friends of mine and one of the girls found a website will ALL of the holidays and started reading them out loud. I would love to write a book about a couple or just someone who tried all of them in a year.

    #5: Basically: please just listen.

    #6: Also important. Extremely obnoxious when this happens, although I’m more guilty of this as the next person.

    #7: Drat. I just found a site with little e-cards with things like “I look forward to you flooding my inbox with your texts tomorrow.” or “I love how you feel like my life is devoted to responding to your texts.” I wish I could remember where I saw it. I wanted to give the link to you so bad!

    #9: YES.

    #10: We are sisters, aren’t we.

    #11: Good compromise ideas. And yes. Photo-phobic people kind of irritate me.

    #12: One way to push someone out of a relationship: constantly guilt them over IOUs.

    #13: Another YES.

    #14: Haha ha ha.

    #15: Hear hear!

    #16: I do that too. And I pick up facial expressions of the people around me. It’s weird. I currently am making faces like my coworker Heather who sits directly in front of me.

    #17: I’m iffy on this one. It just depends on how it looks on the person.

    #18: Also a good point. If you’re a fellow artist, respect the other artist. It’s incredibly insulting otherwise. It’s part of who you are, and so if they are judgmental, then they are judging you. It’s simple.

    #19: A third YES.

    #20: LOL! I love this.

    #21: The girly girl in me offers another hearty YES!

  2. Deanna: #17 isn’t very iffy for me. I mean, I don’t think less of a person for having a buzz cut or anything. Depending on the guy, I can like extremely short hair. But having just a head of stubble seems odd while kissing or cuddling. Like, when we hug, my hair might get stuck to his head like velcro or something, haha. =]

    No offense to those of you out there with buzz-cuts. I love you, too.

  3. “But having just a head of stubble seems odd while kissing or cuddling. Like, when we hug, my hair might get stuck to his head like velcro or something, haha. =]

    I do think that’s a rather odd concern. And it’s just hair. Not toothbrush bristles. Besides, you’re only saying that because you’re used to someone with hair. 😛

  4. No, I’m not saying that because of ex. I don’t want that much hair again, either. I’m saying that because my past experience with boys with buzz cuts hasn’t been yay-y.

    So if my potential suitor has a buzz cut, he’ll have to reform the mental connections my brain makes with it. =]

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