My dream wardrobe would include these:

ModCloth has my favorite designs in the whole world.  They’re more expensive than I’d care to spend, but every splurge is sooo worth it!  Here are some of my favorites!





plaid-all-over-dress-modclothhere-comes-the-sundress-modcloth1landscapes-dress-modcloth1morning-in-monaco-dress-modcloth1buenos-aires-dress-modcloth1scenic-route-spring-coat-modclothsecret-letter-necklace-modcloth(The first dress is my absolute favorite.)
Okay, I could seriously go on and on. Anyway, my point is that you need to check this place out! =]


2 thoughts on “My dream wardrobe would include these:

  1. Thank you! I’m so glad you like our dresses! Maybe you can make the splurge a little easier with coupon code “blogfriend10” for 10% off of your next purchase!:)

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