[camping trip]

I just got back from a camping trip to Petoskey, MI with my family this weekend. Here is a synopsis of 85% of the trip. I couldn’t even stop blogging; I actually wrote what I would have blogged.  I’m pathetic.]

Day 1 – Thursday – the 13th

Packing enought crap into our minivan to live outside for four days has never been my favorite part about camping trips. We meant to leave at 10 am, which of course means that we left around noon. The actual car ride was nice because Deanna and I watched Firefly the whole time. In the middle of the trip, though, my mom asked my dad if he had remembered his swimsuit. He didn’t. My dad is not much of a swimmer, but I am. And I forgot to pack my swimsuit, too. Which is not okay because my swimsuit is this one and the first one that I’ve loved. I feel as great as I look in it (which, let’s face it, is a heck of a lot better than in a usual swimsuit). Which is great because I am not the type who can just throw on any bathing suit and believe that I look good in it. I have curves! There’s no way I can just pull over to some Old Navy and grab a bakini – generall, there, they’re made for young or typicallymodel-y girls with no hips, booty, chestage, or anything. But ANYWAY. I did manage to find a good store and a good suit. And a cute dress, too. That’s always a plus.  =]

After that chaos, we hit the road again. We stopped for dinner at a mexican restaurant that will be on Regis & Kelly on Friday(tomorrow) for their fajitas. They won a contest for it or something. so I thought it would be safe to order a (delicious-sounding) garden fajita.
I didn’t find it at all appetising. So my dad and I swapped meals.

But I love being with my family. They’re the best ever.

When we get to our camp site, we found out that the dude gave away the camp site we asked for, so we ended up in a much smaller one. Kinda clausterphoib for a picnic table, two tents, and a place to keep the van out of the road, but it hasn’t turned out to be too bad. Setting up the site has never been my favorite part, either. But once it was finally together, we made a camp fire and toasted marshamllows and ate Grape Nut Flakes (serious YUM). =]

Day 3 – Saturday – the 15th

This trip has proved to be an interesting one.

Yesterday, I went to the water front near our camp site and got some great pictures. There was a boy playing there who kept being ridiculously picturesque. But it was hot and the water was perfect, so I suggested that we go for a swim. My family, naturally, had a big, chaotic adventure, trying to figure out when and where to swim. We got back to our site only to discover that my big toe on my right foot had been badly sliced. =[

hurt toe

It’s times like that that make me really ahppy that my mom’s around to clean out all the dirt from it and banadage it up for me.

Today, we all went downtown. We had lunch at an adorable and perfect restaurant. Absolutely everything was perfect. From the lemonade to the plates and the chocolate gelato and BLT salads with onion. That lunch pretty much made the whole trip up to Petoskey worth it. We went to some cute shops, tried on some dresses that we couldn’t afford, and some jackets we totally could afford but probably don’t need.

Deanna and I just saw The Time Traveler’s Wife. WORST MOVIE EVER. I have never seen a book get so much injustice before! It’s awful! And not just compared to the book. The movie doesn’t pull heartstrings, there’s no tension, it’s anti-climactic, it was terrible! If you’ve read the book, don’t waste your money. And if you haven’t read the book, don’t waste your money, either. Go use the money you aren’t spending on the movie ticket to go buy the book and READ IT. It’s my least favourite movie ever and my favorite book ever. They left out SO much. The doctor and medicine had no relevance and she only has two or so miscarriages as opposed to the eight or eleven in the book and she never makes him wings because he never gets bitter because he never loses his foot or anything! I’m inscenced.

Huge, stupid, disappointment.

Tomorrow, I plan on photoshoots, toasted marshmallows, sleep, reading, and all-around relaxing!

Day 5 – Monday – the 17th

Well, I didn’t get any more marshmallows, but I did read quite a lot.  I furthered my progress in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and started and finished Chuck Klosterman’s Killing Yourself To Live.

And I’m writing this as I’m finishing up typing this post, so I kind of don’t care right now, due to the fact that I’m tired from a chaotic, long, dramatic last day and long car ride.

But yes. This was my car trip.  I will post pictures tomorrow.

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