It’s December, 2012

What? Really?

When did that happen? Didn’t this past semester just start? Huh.

Looking back, a lot has happened this year. My family moved for the second time in a year, I traveled to London for my first time ever overseas, finalized my major, broke out of my regression into shyness which happened when I came home from going away to college, and I started singing again, which I also haven’t done since I came home, and I started a new job (I’m a waitress).

Oh, and I made a new friend!


I met her in my acting class. Thanks to a monologue she did, I always picture her peeling potatoes. She works as a server and bartender and I picture her garnishing a martini, while peeling potatoes. Or taking someone’s order, while peeling potatoes. And hating Oklahoma. But that’s okay. She blogs, too. And she’s pretty and hilarious. And she’s tall, like me. She also just got engaged. I considered drawing her left arm super short just so I could show you guys there’s a ring on her left hand, but I already made her eyebrows take up an eighth of her face (which is not reality) and didn’t want you to also think she only had 1.5 arms.

I know 2013 is going to be very… interesting. Lots of things going on in my personal life that will be interesting (to say the least) to see how they play out. Some of these things I really just do not want, but that’s kind of how life is sometimes.

However, before 2013 starts, I really have to finish the last 3 things I have to do to finish up this semester. I have a short reflection essay I have to write for one of my classes due in two days, a monologue Tuesday night, and an extra credit assignment I should really just get done by tomorrow night. But I really do put the “pro” in procrastination, so naturally I’m not doing any of those until last minute and have instead been drawing for the last two hours on my new phablet.

I got the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on Thursday. It’s a phablet (= phone + tablet) and it has more processing power than my actual computer and that’s totally okay with me for now. I had planned on waiting to upgrade to this until Christmas, but my boyfriend upgraded on Wednesday and I got phone envy. I probably should have waited until exams were over, though, considering how much my productivity has plummeted since I got it. I think I’ve spent about 3 hours total just drawing on it today.

No caring_01

So yeah. Maybe I can get myself to kick my butt into gear. Maybe not. Probably. Right before it’s due.


click to enlarge

Just pretend you can read that. I’m still getting used to this stylus.

shut up.

I don't care_01

No but seriously I should get to work. I don’t wannnnnnanaaaaananananananaaaaaaaaaaa

Do not want_01

Okay. I’ve left me no choice.

I asked for it.

Here we go:Finals_01(3)

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