Wednesday Things

  1. I know you’ve heard this a million times this week, but it snowed this week! Like, a real snow that stuck around till morning and everything! It’s gone now, but it means that I have a lot of stuff to start getting productive with.
  2. Speaking of, I have like, three weeks left of this semester. I just can’t believe it’s already halfway through my senior year. I just started! I’m terrified of next semester because it will be my LAST semester before I graduate! Part of me does and part of me doesn’t want next semester to go by as quickly as this one has.
  3. I have a problem. A couple weeks ago, I ran out of shampoo, so I stopped at the drugstore and picked up a bottle. The next morning, in the shower, I realized it was conditioner. Awful morning. So I stole some of my mom’s for a day or two and then went and got another bottle of shampooBut it was conditioner too. I have no idea how or why this keeps happening. I even double check the bottle before I buy it. LITERALLY yesterday, I bought some matching set of shampoo and conditioner, and this morning I realized THEY WERE BOTH CONDITIONER. I am completely dumbfounded. I have no idea how or why this keeps happening or what I did to put off the shampoo gods, but I now have a corner of shame in my shower with four or five bottles of conditioner on it.
  4. So I went to an informational meeting about the Masters of Public Health program at my university, and somehow, for some reason, I’m actually really excited about it.
  5. I beat Pokemon X! I defeated the Elite Four and the Pokemon Champion. I’m basically just saying this to you because I’m really excited about it myself.
  6. There’s a girl in my degree program at school that I am just loving being partnered up with. She’s great. Plus, I know she and I are going to stay pretty good friends because she perfectly aligns to my curse. Yep, I have a curse. It’s where I get to be good friends with a girl and then she moves really far away. This one is going away soon to wherever her boyfriend wants to do grad school. This is a real issue. Any of my best friends have moved at least 450 miles away from me, including Kaylee, who I just met last year. She’s in Pittsburgh now. Sigh.
  7. I love subscription boxes. I currently get both Beauty Army and Birchbox monthly subscriptions. But I also just signed up for this, which I am more than excited to start getting (I have to wait until December for my first box! Ahhh!). This came about because I kept finding new boxes I wanted, from accessories, to clothes, to jewelry, to exercise stuff, to food, etc. I just couldn’t handle it (and neither could my wallet). But this POPsugar Must Have box has a little bit of absolutely everything. They’ve only been around for 15 months ish, and I may or may not have gone through what was in every single box they’ve done so far and I wanted all of it. I’m stoked.
  8. I finally reformatted my computer! It was being slow and the hard drive was full and my libraries were tragically corrupted and I’m sure I just had a ton of stuff bogging it down, so I got it reformatted. The problem now is that I forgot about reinstalling Microsoft Office and today was going to be my productive schoolwork day, but since I don’t even have Word or PowerPoint, I can’t (I’m obviously just so very upset abut this). Oh, well. I guess I’ll just have to have some me time instead!
  9. One last thing – one of my teachers just cancelled class tomorrow. It’s the only class I have on Thursdays so I get a whole day free! Yay! The latter half will probably be spent waiting in the cold with my guy for the PS4 release, but I’m sure we can still make it a fun time. =]



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