6 Things My Mom is Notorious For

  1. Getting front-row parking spots
    I have no idea how she manages this. For years, she consistently gets parking spots in the very front row. All the time. It’s ridiculous.
  2. Cooking without recipes
    My family has coined the term “Tarla Originals” when my mom makes an awesome meal without a recipe.”Wow, this is delicious! How’d you make it?”
    “Uh, well, I just took one thing and threw a bunch of stuff I thought would go well in with it.”
    “Oh. Did you write down what you used so you can remake it?”
    “Uh, no…”Seriously – my mom just has this extra sense of knowing what stuff goes together. On the rare occasion she has no idea how to cook some weird meat or vegetable, she always asks around and looks it up and then makes it delicious anyway. Some of her skill of cooking without a cookbook has been passed down to me. I’m not as confident with it yet, but I’ve thrown together some yummy stuff. The problem comes when I want to make something like my momma’s pot roast or some classic Tarla dinner and she can’t really give me a recipe to imitate it. This is tragic and special all in its own way.
  3. Being resourceful
    This is one of the most beneficial skills my mother has taught me. She’s taught me that if don’t have what I need, find a way to either get it or makeshift it or find it. One example of this is when I was learning multiplication tables. I just couldn’t get down the instantaneous memorization of every multiplication tables, but I know lots of little tricks of finding out (other than using a calculator). Just last night, I had an issue that her resourcefulness helped fix: I recently reformatted my computer, but forgot to have my boyfriend re-install Microsoft Office (he has my copies), so I don’t have Word or PowerPoint or anything I need to work on any of my big school projects coming up next week. Her idea was to check to see if there are any available free trials to download until I can get my copies again. And there was. Perfection. Another example: Shirt wrinkled when I walk into work? Use the milk steamer on our cappuccino machine to steam the wrinkles out.She has always shown and taught me her resourcefulness. This has got her so far, and I know that what she has taught me will get me far, too.
  4. Thinking big
    Seriously. My mom always has ideas. Big, scary ideas. Ideas I could never come up with. She is brilliant and innovative, and it’s like a game to her to try and figure out how to make her big things happen.
  5. Being brave
    This is how she gets her big ideas into action. My momma is so brave. She’s been through so much, and she’s still always on her feet, always finding some way to play, and always moving forward. Her business and mission (which revolves around revolutionizing homeschooling and education in general) have both involved hard journeys that have involved a lot of criticism and drama. The stories she tells me about things people say and do regarding her mission and business astound me and I know I could never have the strength to carry on through the things she’s gone through and fought against. My mom rocks, and you better not try and stop her.
  6. Being the best mom ever
    This couldn’t be more true. For all of the reasons listed above and more, my mom is the best. She’s raised me – ME. I don’t know if you’re aware but I’m a BIG HANDFUL to handle, and boy have I put her through a lot (shout out to my teenage years?). She supports and encourages me no matter what. She’s always the one I call when I need help with anything. She’s great under pressure and I know I can tell her any situation I may need help in (emergencies, tickets, car accidents, fights with friends, etc).

My mom is just amazing, beautiful, brilliant, resourceful, strong, hilarious, and awesome. I can’t even tell you.

That’s my Momma on the left, and her best friend on the right. =]

(Pssst. Go hug your mom!)


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