Wednesday Things

Photo Credit to Ashley Meunchen

Photo Credit to Ashley Meunchen

  1. Well, after a rough weekend of unbearable coldness in MI (seriously, including wind chill it got down to -38 F!), today is the first official day of my last semester of undergrad! Once the emails from professors started pouring into my inbox, I started feeling immediately anxious, but now I feel pretty…. not excited… ready, maybe? This may be due to the simple fact that I have a lot to look forward to once this semester ends (graduation, wedding, vaycay, etc), but whatever the reason, I’m glad for it.
  2. I made a thing! Look here: Luke & Haley It’s just a mushy, 30-second photo slideshow made through a brilliantly easy-to-use site, but I think it’s just super sweet. I also got my wedding website set up. More details will be added as they are hammered out.
  3. I’m finally done with my required core courses for my minor. I get all classes I picked for fun (and one writing intensive course for my major). One of my classes this semester is called “Laughter, as a Modality for Healing,” with a professor known for his chillness. Seriously. How can this be not fun?
  4. In one of my classes today, the professor spent some time letting students talk about what exciting things they did over break and places they went, etc. Someone went kayaking in the Pacific. A couple people went to Disney World. Someone went to Texas. Some auditioned for really important things. I wanted to raise my hand and just say “I watched 3 different shows from beginning to end over break. That’s an accomplishment, right?”
  5. My two most “academic” classes (Psychology of Emotion and Child Development) are both in this amazing, cozy lecture halls with all Lazy Boys and a thousand outlets. Child Development is my only AM class, too! So, my only morning class for my last semester is surprisingly not dreadful, if only for this classrom.  So, so much excitement.  Here’s a photo:
  6. Television! I watched all of House of Cards over break, and I already can’t wait for the next season to be released. Also? SHERLOCK. If you haven’t jumped on the Sherlock bandwagon yet, you really need to. On Sunday, I saw a post on Tumblr that said “The Sherlock Fandom, one week ago, was on hiatus. In one week, we will be on hiatus again.” Weird, but true. If you aren’t familiar, each season is just three 90-minute episodes. Brilliant, beautiful episodes. It’s done my Moffat, who writes Doctor Who, so you know it’s just all such amazing goodness.
  7. I don’t really think I have much for you this week. I could come up with fluff to make it to 10 bullets, but I don’t want to.

Love you all! I’m looking forward to being busy again. Three days straight of being snowed into my house was brutal. At least now that school’s started I have a reason to like, put on real clothes and look decent and stuff. Always a good thing.


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