Wednesday Things

be true & kind.

1. I tried on this big, knit, sweater dress and it feels like wearing a stylish snuggie. Naturally, I bought it. Calvin Klein for $30? Win. Also, I’ve been meaning to get more winter dresses anyway.

2. Simultaneously, I feel like there’s nothing left to do for the wedding and everything left to do. It’s weird and frustrating.

3. I have to clean my bedroom today. I have no idea how it’s come to this level of messiness, but I just don’t have the energy to move enough to start cleaning it. I told myself I couldn’t sit and blog until my desk was clear to sit down at and do so, but – clearly – that hasn’t worked.

4. I’m crazy and picked up running outside (with a friend!) in this crazy week of Polar Vortex 2.0. Monday, it was pretty cold, but it wasn’t snowing and all the campus walkways were clear. Today, however, it was a crazy winter weather advisory, and we still ran our 3 miles. The most important part about this whole thing was that I did many things that I definitely did not think I could: 1 – I ran outside, in the cold! 2 – I ran at like, 7 AM, 3 – I ran for three miles even though I haven’t gone formally running in at least 6 months. And running was never a consistent habit for me, 4- Was comfortable running with another person!  I’m super proud of myself and if I can run in a freaking blizzard there’s not much weather that’s gonna be worse than that! Every other day will probably seem easier to run in.

5. I have a new job opportunity that allows me to do one of my absolute favorite things and actually get paid for it. I’ll give out more details later, but I am so, SO excited. Especially because I had gotten to the point where I was just convinced that I was going to be a waitress forever and never know what it’s like to get paid to do something I like. I’m so stoked.

I don’t have too much to say this week. Sorry guys. Maybe I can actually get around to cleaning now.


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