Wednesday Things


1. First and foremost,  I know I missed my weekly post last Wednesday. But it was a dreary and busy week last week. I have no excuses, nor do I need any. Planning a wedding is hard, guys!

2. Secondly, do you see that photo up there? My inbox is EMPTY. Not a single email!  Holy cow, does that feel amazing. I instantly feel lighter.

3. Countdown update: my Graduation ceremony is in 17 days.  THE WEDDING is in 25 days. 25!!  I remember when I first programmed it into the countdown widget on my phone, it was like, 83. I can’t even believe it’s coming up so soon. It’s going to be such a great party, guys.

4. Today, my only responsibility has been a simple presentation in one class. I slept in, didn’t shower till like, 1 PM, got coffee, a great lunch, and drove on the highway to great music with the windows down (is there anything better?). Do yourself a favor and get out of the house today, everyone.  I earnestly believe that the secret to happiness is living someplace where it’s always sunny.

5. Please tell me you’ve seen the slam poetry Samuel L Jackson did about Boy Meets World? It’s ridiculously funny. Ah, my childhood! 

6. I’m SO happy the weather is getting warmer. It’s a real thing that everything is 28474829138 times better when It’s sunny and warm. I’m a completely different person with the sun out.

7. Can we go back to the part of how soon the wedding (and also every other huge life change for me) is? This weekend I have a concert, next weekend is my bridal shower, the next weekend is my graduation ceremony,  the next weekend is the wedding, the next weekend I’ll be on the honeymoon,  and the next weekend, I’ll be adjusting to a new home/routine/commute/life. Crazy! I don’t even know anything about what my life will be like at this point next year – except who I’ll be going through it with. And that will just have to be enough.  =]

8. It’s really hit me lately just how much I need to let go of things and release control. For the group presentation I had today, I have been kind of the group leader all semester (as usual) and I just had to email the group last week about how I really need them to band together and finish everything because I had about 672 wedding appointments and just needed something off my plate. Do you know what happened?  It turned out great.  They all did their things and made the video and power point and everything.  It was beautiful.  On the same note, practicing delegating wedding tasks is the best decision ever. I’m so looking forward to the day of when I have absolutely zero things to worry about getting done except being happy and living in the moment!

9. I saw Captain America 2 this past weekend and I just have to admit that I totally have a crush on Steve Rogers.  Officially my favorite Avenger. No shame. None.

That’s really all I have in the form of a quick update. Go enjoy yourselves and take care of yourselves. Listen to good music. Say no sometimes. =]

What’s your go-to feel good method?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Things

  1. My go-to feel good method?
    Of all the things I enjoy, learning and becoming more has to be the most refreshing “feel good” things to do. Whether its cracking into a good book on personal development or watching an hour long keynote from some of today’s leaders in business, the feeling of moving forward constantly makes me feel great!

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