happy face

Hi, there!

What’s up? My name is Haley; I’m a passionate 20-something blogger from the great state of Michigan (I love my state).

(Do you love lists? Are you kind of obsessed with them? ‘Cause I am.) (also: parentheses.)

My hobbies and interests include

  • Reading
  • Telling people they’re wonderful
  • Singing everything
  • Glitter
  • Writing (uh, obviously?)
  • All the geeky things
  • Running outside
  • Reminding people I’m probably taller than they are
  • Watching brilliant, quality shows like the Office, Parks and Rec, Star Trek, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Firefly, and House of Cards, to name just a few.
  • Laughing at my own jokes (especially awful puns)
  • Grammar, etymology, and typography
  • Beauty products, fashion and clothing
  • Making lists (clearly)
  • Self-improvement (I even kinda majored in it)
  • Traveling
  • Eating appreciating the wonderfulness that is food
  • And watching Youtube videos of puppies, babies, more puppies, and Tom Hiddleston Dancing.

There’s lots of big things happening in my life this year in 2014. I will be…

  • Graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in Wellness and Personal Development (with a minor in Wellness, Health Promotion, and Injury Prevention)
  • Getting married to a boy named after Luke Skywalker
  • Starting a new job (three, actually)
  • Moving (twice)
  • And starting my training in myomassology (which is massage therapy with consideration and integration of other modalities like aromatherapy, reiki, accupressure, herbal therapy, etc)

I blog because of a few reasons…

  • I like talking. Kind of a lot. (Sorry, not sorry)
  • Interacting with people is my favorite. The community I’ve become surrounded with through both running and following blogs is full of the most incredible people I could ever hope to know. This includes you. You’re awesome.
  • It keeps me honest and vulnerable. Blogging about my life and everything in it challenges me to be open about my insecurities, beliefs, desires, and goals. Often, I find that good things come from this, whether it’s in the form of just a calmer mind or the support of others.
  • And, obviously, I want to document the happenings of my life for future me to remember and have to look back on.

Lastly, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Make sure you don’t miss a post by subscribing via email in my right sidebar! If you feel like casually stalking me, you can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

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