(note: this picture is from my very last day of high school. can you say throwback??)

It’s an awesome thing to be proud of who you are and the things you create. As a blogger, this is especially important.

Are you new around here? Maybe you just want to read the best of the posts? Either way, I’ve made your life easier by compiling this list of my best posts (according to me).¬†


My Engagement Story

In which I get engaged. Duh. It’s adorable.


College, In Chapters

In which I reflect on my years spent in college, and the lessons, challenges, and transformations of each of them.


Anyone Who Likes Going to the Dentist is a Psycho

In which I narrate a particularly distressing appointment at the dentist’s office.


Land Ahead

In which I get romantically poetic.


6 Things My Mom is Notorious For

In which I love on my mom and preach about how awesome she is.


2014 and Weird, New Things

In which I reflect on New Year’s Eves past and narrate my first New Year’s spent engaged and with the family I get to become a part of.


Be Truthful, Gentle, and Fearless

In which I discuss the challenge and the reality of trying to live like a quote from Gandhi.


Direct Hit

In which proceeds more romantic poetry.


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