Ah the familiar sounds of Thanksgiving:  Pots and pans clanging, the radio playing AM talk shows and Christmas music, the coffee pot bubbling, the fire alarm going off…..     All the traditional things that just get you in the holiday spirit.

      This year was such a good Thanksgiving.  I had my friend Danike over and that was awesome.  My sister, Deanna, came over too!  We watched I Am Legendand I didn’t even flinch once! I hadn’t seen it before, but I really like it. We also watched Charade (by Alfred Hitchcock) with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn.  I had seen it about a year ago, but the DVD we rented had the last thirty seconds just about annihilated and those last thirty seconds really make the movie! Like woah!   After that, Danike and I holed up in my room and watched Wall-E.

       My mother is the best cook ever; if you didn’t spend Thanksgiving at my house, you missed out.  The best turkey ever, chestnut stuffing, cheesy onions, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet rolls, pumpkin rolls, muddy buddies, haystacks, apple pie (thanks to Danike), virgin egg nogg, and corn pudding.

       What did you guys do for your Turkey Day?  =]