Wednesday Things

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1. For the last week or two, I’ve been experimenting with different makeup products and looks with the intention of defining and practicing my wedding-day look. Unfortunately, I’ve had no luck with landing the look that feels just right for me. Many of you know that lips are my beauty soft-spot. A bold and bright lip is my signature look and I’ve decided that I just need to give up on the expected “romantic smokey eye” or “natural makeup” and stay true to myself by staying true to that. Now the fun part is experimenting between all my lip products to see which stay in place best, have the right amount of pigmentation, and the perfect amount of glam. I mean, obviously, this is what I do anyway, but I just have to pay more attention to it now!

2. Saturday night was the last shift for me at the restaurant I’ve worked at for just under 2 years. Friday night was actually one of the better nights in a long time, followed by my last shift being one pretty lame and all-around disappointing shift. Part of me is glad for this because, were I to leave on an amazing night, I may have questioned my leaving or been sad about going. But, the other part of me wished I could have gone out on a high note. The next place for me is still waitressing but I got a job in a town that is much closer to everything else in my life. In fact, it’s right between where I live now and where Luke lives. This means I get to complete training and get somewhat settled in before the wedding, and then have someplace ready to come back to once I get moved in with Luke. It’s also even more fine dining than the last place I worked and is supposedly hard to get hired into; the manager said she hardly ever interviews because everyone stays there so long. To me, this indicates that they have good systems set in place as well as consistency in the management and cash flow. I’m trying to stay more positive than anxious.

3.  I mentioned in my Wife2Wife link-up post of Marriage Goals for 2014 that I was determined to get a real dining table into Luke’s apartment for us. I’m so happy to say that I finally accomplished this goal. My university has a Facebook page for people to use as a forum to seek or offer items for free or for sale. Fortunately, when I asked if anyone was selling a table and chairs, some one reached out to me with a great set for very little money. We were initially concerned because it’s a metal frame with a glass top, but once everything was put together, no amount of leaning or pushing can even make that glass table top budge! I even got a cute, coffee-themed tablecloth for it. We were ridiculous when we got it all together: no one has ever sat down at a table so excitedly. We beamed at each other and I said “wow… what do you want to do with it??” Luke responded with “I dunno! Do you want to, like, make dinner? And eat it? Here? At the table??” I know it’s silly, but eating food while sitting on a couch for months is a huge pain. The table isn’t going to be what lasts us for the next 30 years or anything, but it’s infinitely better than no table, much better than expected, and will hopefully last us for some time!

4. I was raised thinking that everybody just went to college. I thought it was just what everyone did. Only now, as I’m nearing the end of my undergrad education and have more opportunities to meet people outside of my university, am I realizing just how few people actually finish a bachelor’s degree. Luke and I were talking about it and he made me look up the statistics. According to the census bureau, only 30% of people aged 25 or older in the US have  bachelor’s degree. Only 40% have an associates, and 8% have a master’s degree (which just makes me want to get my masters even more). I feel very fortunate for this clever bit of strategy on my parents’ part to ensure I attend and complete college.

5. Okay, so I know I haven’t shared many details at all about the writing job I got – it’s the best thing ever. I’m the first writer (other than the founder) that My Subscription Addiction has brought on to write reviews of subscription boxes! If you’re unfamiliar with subscription boxes, they’re monthly (some are bi-monthly or quarterly) packages of goodies that get sent to your door. The kinds of boxes range from makeup to kids toys and products, to organic/natural home goods, to snacks, desserts, and recipe boxes (with all the ingredients inside!), to clothes and jewelry. Really, there’s something for just about anyone. There’s even boxes like Mantry and Birchbox Man that are for gentlemen! (There’s also a box dedicated to different kinds of meats each month!) My favorites are Birchbox, Ipsy, POPsugar Must Have, and Wantable (I love their intimates box – it’s something different than all the rest and it sends you lots of high-end tank tops, leggings, socks, under garments, tights, nightwear, etc!).  Basically, I get free stuff sent to me and I get to review it for My Subscription Addiction!

One of the coolest things about the site is it has a Swap Site where you can list the samples and products in your boxes that you don’t want and swap with other subscribers for the ones you want!  It adds a whole new layer to the fun.

6. I know the whole world has already finished talking about the Oscars, but I just have to say I’m so sad that Leo’s never won one. I’m perpetually rooting for him. He’s more than earned quite a few, in my book.

7.  I have to set my own bedtime. Seriously — I’ve been worse than ever at actually getting myself to put down everything, turn the lights out, and go to sleep. Aaaand I’m definitely paying for it. I’m so exhausted all the time.

8. All I’ve been eating this whole week is fish and seafood because I stocked up on takeout on my last shift. I’m now sick of seafood. Whomp whomp.

9. Speaking of which, my first day at my new job is tomorrow night. It’s Italian, and the menu is huuuuuge. As dumb as it sounds, if I can just have someone read me the names of everything once, just so I know how to say it, that would be a big help. I get to wear all black, and I don’t have to wear a tie. It’s already an improvement!

10.  I know I applied for the Master’s of Public Health at my university, but what I’d really love to study for my masters would be Positive Psychology. I suppose the next step is seeing where that masters program is even offered! I hope there’s one in Michigan, and even better near me.

That’s all I have for right now. I hope everyone’s doing well!

What’s something you’re excited about in your life right now??

Wednesday Things


  1. I have recently discovered that Häagen-Dazs has the best ice cream. I’m not usually a fan of strawberry, but theirs tastes just like strawberries and cream with real fruit! And their White Chocolate Raspberry flavor?  YUM.
  2. I just love the Thought Catalog. Especially because a significant portion of their articles are lists and I have a short attention span and lists are optimal. I especially enjoyed this list this week.
  3. I’m a busy, busy girl. Especially with all this singing back in my life! I have lots of rehearsals and performances with Chorale, and I took up a (PAID!) singing gig for a Jewish Temple. I’m miraculously free for all the performance dates and I’ve never been paid to sing before, so I’m extra excited for some cash for Christmas presents!
  4. My man got a PS4, and I’m loving it. He can stream anything while he plays it, so I can watch him play through single-player games for the story even when we can’t see each other that day. It’s pretty cool.
  5. This ending week or two of November really snuck up on me. Thanksgiving is next week? I have two performances this weekend? BLACK FRIDAY??? Not even to mention the end of the semester! Things are all wrapping up and getting exciting and I love the holidays.
  6. I’ll say it again: I love the holidays. I get to give my favorite people awesome things! And eat a ton of yummy food! What could be better? (What could be better would be working for a company that believes in family and common decency and doesn’t make me wait tables on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day).
  7. December 1st means kicking my butt into gear. I just ordered my upgrade to the FitBit Force, and even though it’s on back-order and I won’t get it till the 20th, I really need to give any sort of New Year’s Resolution of getting back into being super healthy a head start.
  8. I love subscription boxes. I currently get Birchbox and BeautyArmy, but I’m planning to drop one of those to sign up for the POPsugar Must Have box instead. I love how Beauty Army lets me decide to skip a month if I don’t like the samples I’m given to choose from. This month’s Birchbox was really disappointing. Seriously. I got a CC cream that’s too dark for me (I haven’t received a sample of face makeup that’s actually light enough for me from them yet), a sample shampoo and conditioner, a face highlighter pen that’s too dark to actually highlight anything on me, and a teeny tiny chocolate and coconut covered pretzel that I’m allergic to (and also don’t like coconut). I keep wanting to quit Birchbox, but their samples aren’t usually as disappointing as this month’s, and their points system is awesome (straight-up cash for reviews? Awesome! This is something I really wish Beauty Army would implement as well.).