January is a month where we hear just SO MUCH about what people feel they need to fix, what changes they want to make, what they need to do more of, what they need to do less of, how much weight they want to lose, and the list goes on forever.

Recently, I’ve stumbled across the Unlost. It’s a site that has many articles, seminars, podcasts, etc, about being happy and loving the person you already are and the life you already have. The concept that we are already enough is a radical one in this day and age. After all, if we are already enough, then how would people sell things?

How would marketers sell things to women without telling them they’re broken and need something to fix them?

Men and women according to advertisers

But I’m trying to see this concept in my life. When I feel like a mess, I just remember that this is normal and there’s no one that can be happily and robotically successful.


This is my last semester of college. I’m writing and updating To-Do lists like it’s my job. I’m tempted every moment to look around and think of all the things I should be doing, even if it’s not homework, and every morning criticizing how many things I didn’t complete on yesterday’s to-do list.

But I am so tired of this. This is no way to foster a happy brain or mental and emotional wellbeing. In six months or a year, what am I going to remember – the items on my to-do list that I didn’t check off, or feeling so guilty and insufficient my senior year of college?

Time for a happy change. =]


What Healthy Living Means to Me

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts, claims, and opinions do belong to the original author and no evil marketing ploys or tricks are being ulitized!

What healthy living meant to me in High School

  • Basically, “running and broccoli”
  • Being a gym rat or on the track and field team
  • A diet consisting of things like kale, chia, quinoa, dragonfruit, etc…

What healthy living meant to me my freshman year of college:

  • Watching portion sizes
  • Weighing yourself regularly
  • Lifting weights and running
  • Inspiration boards!
  • Never feeling stressed
  • Routine

What healthy living means to me now.

  • Wellness
  • Treating your body right – by moving it more, nourishing it better, and listening to it.
  • Doing research before considering jumping on a new diet or health fad
  • Mutli-Dimensional (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, social)
  • Saying “no” sometimes
  • Self-love (or at least practicing it!)
  • Knowing it’s okay to be stressed out, and learning effective stress management methods
  • Improving cardiovascular health, muscular fitness, and flexibility in your training
  • Learning that health and wellness is a spectrum, and you’ll be balancing your way along his spectrum througought life. You will probably (almost definitely) never reach a state of perfect or “ideal” healthy living.
  • Along those lines, learning to let go of a pursuit of perfectionism
  • Taking time to meditate, or at least allow your body and mind quiet-time on a regular basis
  • Learning when relationships are unhealthy, and finding strength and support to get out of them
  • Knowing what you like. You don’t know whether or not you hate a food you’ve never heard of. Do you pay attention to what topics and fields of study really pique your interest?
  • Knowing your learning style/how you learn things best.
  • Caring for your brain – turn off the constant notifications, feed it information, let it play, write whatever you want, read books and articles, do puzzles!
  • Follow impulsive urges. If you see an easy DIY project, try it! 
  • Allowing yourself to indulge sometimes, in moderation (sweets, watching TV, retail therapy)
  • Being friends with your family and putting effort into your relationships.

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