Home Coming Dance!

       So I did actually go to my school’s Home Coming dance! The theme this year was “Welcome to the Jungle.”  The class t-shirts have my school’s name printed with different animal prints for each year. There’s snakes, cheetahs, zebras, and giraffes. 

       Did you catch that error? Only one of the four animals depicted on our class t-shirts is correct! Cheetahs, zebras, and giraffes don’t live in a jungle! They live in the savanna! There’s a huge difference.




       Yeah, whoever is in leadership should be embarrassed.  Did none of them catch it?  Lol.

       But anyway, the dance was great and I had an awesome dress!  My only complaint is that my hair sucks and doesn’t hold a curl for more than two-ish hours. But I had so much fun.  Way more than freshman year (I didn’t go last year).  

       Ahh… Perhaps I should elaborate.  At that time, things between me and this guy were confusing. He “liked” me and I wasn’t sure if I liked him. My major excuse not to date him was that I am a Christian and he’s not. And I know it’s just high school fun, but I didn’t want to regret anything about my first boyfriend, you know?  Anyway, I spent all day primping and when I got to the dance, when the guy found me, he came up to me, held his hands out to his sides and said “Hey, look! I dressed the part!” NOTHING about me the entire night.  Now, I’m not conceited, I don’t even think I looked that great, but what kind of a clueless idiot doesn’t know to compliment the girl about something when you “go with” them to a dance?

       And he ignored me the entire night and I got swept up in drama, in a way. Because I was the only person who wasn’t involved in drama, so therefore, people all came running to me about their drama. Gr!  I ended up sitting out in the hall quite a bit until my date decided he didn’t want to be alone in front of everybody else for the first slow song, so he came and got me. He didn’t say a word, he just walked out into the hall and held out his hand, assuming I wouldn’t possibly reject him.

       ….I didn’t at the time, but I kinda wish I had. He was a jerk. And the next month to follow, he got even worse.  Ugh, I won’t explain all that here, though.


       But this year was so much better! I went with my best friend (other than my sister) and there was no pressure to dance at all, even though we did. Both slow and… regular(?).  It was a blast.





Thing to smile about #14:  Going to the Home Coming dance with a friend you’re 110% comfortable with, and know that there’s no pressure about anything.  =]

Yay For Typos and a Lack of Commas.

(Over Twitter)


D: “A coworker is walking around the office with a Bob Marley dreads hat and a shirt with Jesus holding a dinosaur and Elvis with some KFC.”

Me: “Wait, is your coworker or Jesus holding Elvis? And is your coworker, Elvis, or Jesus holding the KFC?”

Me: “Wait, your coworker is walking around with JESUS AND ELVIS?!”

B: ” i knew elvis wasn’t dead!”

Me: “Why would he be holding a dinosaur while he’s walking around with Jesus, anyway?” 

Me: ” How does he hold dinosaur, Elvis, AND KFC? ”

D: “Before receive more weird tweets, I should clarify that pictures of Jesus and Elvis were printed on my coworker’s shirt.”

D: “I only wish my coworker was hanging out with Elvis and Jesus.”

B: “but ……. Elvis isint dead right? :-P”

D: “ELVIS IS DEAD?! …Then who did I see at the wedding I went to in Vegas last week?”

Me: “That was John Lennon.”

B: “no, elvis never died. He’s hanging out with the little green dudes in area 51”

Me: “Gosh, do you think Jesus listens to Elvis? Are Jews allowed to eat chicken?”

D: “Are you kidding? Didn’t you know he’s the headlining entertainment for the Marriage Feast? ;)”

B: “wait a minute ….. You went to vegas??”


Thing to be happy about #6:  This conversation.