Wednesday Things

Photo Credit to Ashley Meunchen

Photo Credit to Ashley Meunchen

  1. Well, after a rough weekend of unbearable coldness in MI (seriously, including wind chill it got down to -38 F!), today is the first official day of my last semester of undergrad! Once the emails from professors started pouring into my inbox, I started feeling immediately anxious, but now I feel pretty…. not excited… ready, maybe? This may be due to the simple fact that I have a lot to look forward to once this semester ends (graduation, wedding, vaycay, etc), but whatever the reason, I’m glad for it.
  2. I made a thing! Look here: Luke & Haley It’s just a mushy, 30-second photo slideshow made through a brilliantly easy-to-use site, but I think it’s just super sweet. I also got my wedding website set up. More details will be added as they are hammered out.
  3. I’m finally done with my required core courses for my minor. I get all classes I picked for fun (and one writing intensive course for my major). One of my classes this semester is called “Laughter, as a Modality for Healing,” with a professor known for his chillness. Seriously. How can this be not fun?
  4. In one of my classes today, the professor spent some time letting students talk about what exciting things they did over break and places they went, etc. Someone went kayaking in the Pacific. A couple people went to Disney World. Someone went to Texas. Some auditioned for really important things. I wanted to raise my hand and just say “I watched 3 different shows from beginning to end over break. That’s an accomplishment, right?”
  5. My two most “academic” classes (Psychology of Emotion and Child Development) are both in this amazing, cozy lecture halls with all Lazy Boys and a thousand outlets. Child Development is my only AM class, too! So, my only morning class for my last semester is surprisingly not dreadful, if only for this classrom.  So, so much excitement.  Here’s a photo:
  6. Television! I watched all of House of Cards over break, and I already can’t wait for the next season to be released. Also? SHERLOCK. If you haven’t jumped on the Sherlock bandwagon yet, you really need to. On Sunday, I saw a post on Tumblr that said “The Sherlock Fandom, one week ago, was on hiatus. In one week, we will be on hiatus again.” Weird, but true. If you aren’t familiar, each season is just three 90-minute episodes. Brilliant, beautiful episodes. It’s done my Moffat, who writes Doctor Who, so you know it’s just all such amazing goodness.
  7. I don’t really think I have much for you this week. I could come up with fluff to make it to 10 bullets, but I don’t want to.

Love you all! I’m looking forward to being busy again. Three days straight of being snowed into my house was brutal. At least now that school’s started I have a reason to like, put on real clothes and look decent and stuff. Always a good thing.

Wednesday Things

  1. I know you’ve heard this a million times this week, but it snowed this week! Like, a real snow that stuck around till morning and everything! It’s gone now, but it means that I have a lot of stuff to start getting productive with.
  2. Speaking of, I have like, three weeks left of this semester. I just can’t believe it’s already halfway through my senior year. I just started! I’m terrified of next semester because it will be my LAST semester before I graduate! Part of me does and part of me doesn’t want next semester to go by as quickly as this one has.
  3. I have a problem. A couple weeks ago, I ran out of shampoo, so I stopped at the drugstore and picked up a bottle. The next morning, in the shower, I realized it was conditioner. Awful morning. So I stole some of my mom’s for a day or two and then went and got another bottle of shampooBut it was conditioner too. I have no idea how or why this keeps happening. I even double check the bottle before I buy it. LITERALLY yesterday, I bought some matching set of shampoo and conditioner, and this morning I realized THEY WERE BOTH CONDITIONER. I am completely dumbfounded. I have no idea how or why this keeps happening or what I did to put off the shampoo gods, but I now have a corner of shame in my shower with four or five bottles of conditioner on it.
  4. So I went to an informational meeting about the Masters of Public Health program at my university, and somehow, for some reason, I’m actually really excited about it.
  5. I beat Pokemon X! I defeated the Elite Four and the Pokemon Champion. I’m basically just saying this to you because I’m really excited about it myself.
  6. There’s a girl in my degree program at school that I am just loving being partnered up with. She’s great. Plus, I know she and I are going to stay pretty good friends because she perfectly aligns to my curse. Yep, I have a curse. It’s where I get to be good friends with a girl and then she moves really far away. This one is going away soon to wherever her boyfriend wants to do grad school. This is a real issue. Any of my best friends have moved at least 450 miles away from me, including Kaylee, who I just met last year. She’s in Pittsburgh now. Sigh.
  7. I love subscription boxes. I currently get both Beauty Army and Birchbox monthly subscriptions. But I also just signed up for this, which I am more than excited to start getting (I have to wait until December for my first box! Ahhh!). This came about because I kept finding new boxes I wanted, from accessories, to clothes, to jewelry, to exercise stuff, to food, etc. I just couldn’t handle it (and neither could my wallet). But this POPsugar Must Have box has a little bit of absolutely everything. They’ve only been around for 15 months ish, and I may or may not have gone through what was in every single box they’ve done so far and I wanted all of it. I’m stoked.
  8. I finally reformatted my computer! It was being slow and the hard drive was full and my libraries were tragically corrupted and I’m sure I just had a ton of stuff bogging it down, so I got it reformatted. The problem now is that I forgot about reinstalling Microsoft Office and today was going to be my productive schoolwork day, but since I don’t even have Word or PowerPoint, I can’t (I’m obviously just so very upset abut this). Oh, well. I guess I’ll just have to have some me time instead!
  9. One last thing – one of my teachers just cancelled class tomorrow. It’s the only class I have on Thursdays so I get a whole day free! Yay! The latter half will probably be spent waiting in the cold with my guy for the PS4 release, but I’m sure we can still make it a fun time. =]



For me, December means a lot of things.
It means living in a snow globe – which it certainly feels like here in lovely GC, considering it hasn’t stopped snowing for three or four days straight.
It means watching the movie Elf.
It means being with people who aren’t judging you or assuming or trying to make you feel little.
It means doing things you love with people who enjoy it too – heck, maybe they even love you for loving it.
It means drinking my mother’s eggnog. And hot cocoa made with milk – with marshmallows, naturally.
It means the Christmas lights in the living room window.
It means staying up late doing silly things like playing Apples to Apples and Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart and laughing with people so hard that you cry.
It’s spontaneous snowball fights while on walks.
It’s mittens and cold noses.
It’s movies on the TV all day and cuddling up under blankets.
It’s simple pleasures – like PB&J, photo albums, and the snow on your WordPress blog.
It’s baking more cookies than you think you have room in your house for.
It means that driving at night has become so much more enjoyable, and everyone in the car “oohs” and “ahhs” at the lights and storefronts and postcard-perfect scenery.
It means stocking up on presents for everyone!
It means more home-cooked meals.
It means loving.
It’s parades and Santa hats and candy canes.
It means stupendous holiday sales. ;]
It’s Christmas music in the background. Constantly. Everywhere.
It’s catching up in coffee shops.
It’s not defending yourself, or worrying about school.
It means stopping, staring, and marveling at the individual snowflakes that land on your black scarf.
It means peace. Whether things are calm around you or not, you’re okay.

December, be good to me.

the first snow.
I love it.
When you walk outside into this wondrous scene, everything
is quiet.
Even the air your lungs try to obtain seems to be far away from you,
holding its breath.
All you can hear is your own boots shuffling along on the concrete sidewalks
and a little place in your mind is sure that time really has stopped, and you don’t even need to go to class
or that you might be the only person left on this planet.
or that perhaps you’ve finally gone deaf.
But you’re walking,
and it comes to mind that you want to be walking with some one.
Now, I don’t care who it is, or what your relationship is like,
but you want them with you.
Perhaps smiling at you over a steaming mug of stupendous hot cocoa,
or speculating about the best defense strategy were you to get ambushed by snowball-throwers.
Or, even some one to there to catch you if you slip.
and you’re never sure if that electrifying jolt of adrenaline is because you nearly fell,
or from their arms protecting you
from melting away
seeping into puddles and icicles and snowflakes and trees
Whether you prefer indoors or outdoors in wintertime, walking inside is so much better this time of year.
the rush of warmth,
the heat hugging you enveloping you
it’s cozyand the white dust in everyone’s hair
and you are all left with damp, imperfect tendrils
and rosy cheeks
and cold noses
All the energy and lightness
the Christmas trees(!)
and sweet Christmas lights (!!)
and the giving and the getting and the glowing
and the loving and the lighting and the listening
and the sweets and the songs that get stuck in your head
“bury me in your quiet love
and we
will blow
breath becomes visible
as if a reminder
that you are doing something.
that you are living.
that you are here.
and that the air you’re breathing and living on is the same air sustaining every other person
As for me,
I’m a snowfall kind of girl.
indoors, outdoors, cuddling, curled alone with a book
it’s all for me
is all for me
and better call me inside
or I will become part of the snow.

Where’s the Smiling?

I’ve completely forgotten about my things to smile about!  I went all the way back to my last one and found out that I last listed #16 way back in “Maximum Capacity For Awesome.”

So. To make up for the ones I’ve lost, here I go….

Reason to smile #17:  Knowing the coolest people in the world.

#18: Having a rockin’ room I love.

#19: Flirting

#20: Chapstick.

#21: Doing something you love.

#22: Witty conversations.

#23: Books.  They just make me happy.

#24: Knowing some one who pretty much always wants to see you smile.

#25: Creating something.

#26: Snow days!

#27: Having no home work.

#28: Dear and the Headlights

#29: Owl City

#30: When some one asks “How are you?” and really wants to know the truth. 

#31: Spending time with Deanna.

#32: College acceptance letters!

#33: Having awesome legos- such as a pirate skeleton, a borg, a cowboy + rifles, two armed Indians, a pirate with a feather in his hat and a parrot, a greaser with a red bandana, a leather jacket, and a knife, and a nice man with a gas mask – standing in a line on your desk shelf.

#34: Not having any clue to what wear, but ending up finding a really cute outfit in your closet.


So SMILE.  =]

Consider My Fingers Crossed.

Crossed for the next two days to pass quickly (Christmas break!).
Crossed for not failing my two tests on Friday (AP History and Honors Chem).
Crossed for  my brain to start functioning again (it’s stopped in anticipation of Christmas break).
Crossed for landing a good role in the Spring musical (the Sound of Music!).
Crossed for a good Winter (not like last year).
Crossed for my Christmas wishes (I’ve got quiet a few).
Crossed for a really great social life during break (Hayley Joy, Deanna, Neal, Danike, movies, cooking, Brent, shopping…).
Crossed for snow days (we haven’t had any yet this year!).
Crossed for my Christmas list (mostly consisting of a ceramic curling iron, gift cards, and books).
Crossed for a good Solo and Ensemble performance (even though it’s in January).
Crossed for raising my grades (Two A’s, but I need to get my two B’s up…).
Crossed for a chance to organize my school notebooks and binders ASAP (all my school stuff is in one three-subject notebook).
Crossed for my varsity jacket (it’s ready, but my mom wont’ give it to me until Christmas – because it’s not like I need a winter coat before then, before halfway through the winter, not like it’s seven degrees farenheit or anything).
Crossed that my mom will be happier this Winter (this time of year has been hard for everyone since her dad died).
Crossed that the people that I can’t get enough of couldn’t get enough of me (it has been improving…).
Crossed for crazy amounts of photo shoots over break (I swear, I’m so itchy for some.)

Crossed for being able to uncross them.

… Cont’d

I love music. Choir is an extremely high priority for me.  My school’s choir has some really amazing songs this winter, so I thought I’d share them:

There Will Be Rest”  –  Frank Ticheli
MSVMA Honor Choir performed this last year; that’s what the link in the name is to.  It’s gorgeous. The lyrics are one of the last poems written by Sara Teasdale. She committed suicide at the age of 48.

“There will be rest, and sure stars shining
           Over the roof-tops crowned with snow,
A reign of rest, serene forgetting,
           The music of stillness holy and low.

I will make this world of my devising,
           Out of a dream in my lonely mind,
I shall find the crystal of peace, – above me
           Stars I shall find.”


Another one we’re doing is “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening”  The lyrics are a Robert Frost poem:

“Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep. ”
We’re also singing Carol of the Bells (Peter J. Wilhousky), There Is No Rose (Gary Garcia), The Sleigh (Kountz), The First Breath of Winter (Phyllis Wolfe-White), and a few others.  But I couldn’t find any videos of them, though.

However, while I was youtubing, I came across this.  I say you should watch it.  It’s hardcore.  Lol.

E.E. Cummings

skies may be blue;yes
(when gone are hail and sleet and snow)
but bluer than my darling’s eyes,
spring skies are no

hearts may be true;yes
(by night or day in joy or woe)
but truer than your lover’s is,
hearts do not grow

nows may be new;yes
(as new as april’s first hello)
but new as this our thousandth kiss,
no now is so




(for those of you new to Cumming’s writing, there are no typos. only the way he intended it to look and flow.)