Loving… having some extra time with my husband. Because he works for the school district, he gets 3-day weekends every week in the summers!

Eating… Breyer’s Gelato Indulgences in tiramisu. Oh. My. Word. These should be sins. I knew the second I saw the ad, I’d have to buy it as soon as I found it and I can tell you for sure that this container will not last long. You know how last week I talked about making a healthy version of tiramisu with cinnamon and Greek yogurt? Yeah, well, this is approximately 92401298301923 times less healthy. Oh, well!

Learning… do not send an email angry. REPEAT: DO NOT SEND AN EMAIL ANGRY. Valuable words of wisdom here, folks. But DO write when you’re angry. Write to whomever you want to write about and say whatever you want to say. Get it out of your system and don’t hold back. You’ll feel worlds better. But? Once you’re done, close it, forget about it, and get on with your life. Life’s too much fun for that silliness.

Playing… Guild Wars 2! This is really the only MMORPG that L and I play, and I absolutely love it. Plus, it’s not a monthly subscription.

Anticipating… CHICAGO!! It’s just a short trip that may or may not have enough time for too much exploration but I have brunch plans with this lovely lady and this is my first time visiting there. (Okay, my family went once when I was like, 4, but all I remember is the American Girl Doll museum/factory/whatever and it doesn’t count.)

Trying… to be the best me I can be. There are definitely hiccups, but I fortunately have an amazing, loving, and kind husband who fortunately puts up with my crap when I mess up. =]

Celebrating… L’s graduation! He finished his undergrad classes in, like, March and was able to take off a semester but he walked at his commencement ceremony on Sunday! I’m so proud of this handsome guy.

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Wanting… my own personal chef? Is that too much to ask? I’m stuck on like, the same 5 meals/snacks for myself and one of them may or may not be ice cream and I have got to challenge myself to branch out and try new recipes!  Any recommendations?

So. How’s your life going, currently? What’s new?


Wednesday Things


  1. I have recently discovered that Häagen-Dazs has the best ice cream. I’m not usually a fan of strawberry, but theirs tastes just like strawberries and cream with real fruit! And their White Chocolate Raspberry flavor?  YUM.
  2. I just love the Thought Catalog. Especially because a significant portion of their articles are lists and I have a short attention span and lists are optimal. I especially enjoyed this list this week.
  3. I’m a busy, busy girl. Especially with all this singing back in my life! I have lots of rehearsals and performances with Chorale, and I took up a (PAID!) singing gig for a Jewish Temple. I’m miraculously free for all the performance dates and I’ve never been paid to sing before, so I’m extra excited for some cash for Christmas presents!
  4. My man got a PS4, and I’m loving it. He can stream anything while he plays it, so I can watch him play through single-player games for the story even when we can’t see each other that day. It’s pretty cool.
  5. This ending week or two of November really snuck up on me. Thanksgiving is next week? I have two performances this weekend? BLACK FRIDAY??? Not even to mention the end of the semester! Things are all wrapping up and getting exciting and I love the holidays.
  6. I’ll say it again: I love the holidays. I get to give my favorite people awesome things! And eat a ton of yummy food! What could be better? (What could be better would be working for a company that believes in family and common decency and doesn’t make me wait tables on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day).
  7. December 1st means kicking my butt into gear. I just ordered my upgrade to the FitBit Force, and even though it’s on back-order and I won’t get it till the 20th, I really need to give any sort of New Year’s Resolution of getting back into being super healthy a head start.
  8. I love subscription boxes. I currently get Birchbox and BeautyArmy, but I’m planning to drop one of those to sign up for the POPsugar Must Have box instead. I love how Beauty Army lets me decide to skip a month if I don’t like the samples I’m given to choose from. This month’s Birchbox was really disappointing. Seriously. I got a CC cream that’s too dark for me (I haven’t received a sample of face makeup that’s actually light enough for me from them yet), a sample shampoo and conditioner, a face highlighter pen that’s too dark to actually highlight anything on me, and a teeny tiny chocolate and coconut covered pretzel that I’m allergic to (and also don’t like coconut). I keep wanting to quit Birchbox, but their samples aren’t usually as disappointing as this month’s, and their points system is awesome (straight-up cash for reviews? Awesome! This is something I really wish Beauty Army would implement as well.).

Then He Loves You.

(Repost: from Brandy)

If he always gives you the last bite of his sandwich or the first lick of his ice cream cone, then he loves you.

If he’s seen your high school yearbook photo and says he still loves you, then he loves you.

If he’s counted all your freckles,- even the ones behind your knees, then he loves you.

If, right before sleep, he leans in, buries his nose in your hair and inhales, and when you ask what he’s doing, he smiles a smile that reminds you of a secret and says ‘nothing’, then he loves you.

If he tells you that you make chickenpox sexy, then he loves you. He’s lying, but he loves you.

If he’s laid beside you in a too small bed, in a too dark room and listened as you told him all the ways you feel like you are failing, then he loves you.

If he remembers the name of your arch enemy from the sixth grade and hates her because he knows all about how she started the rumor that you only used boys deodorant, when you didn’t– then he loves you. And he hates her. But he loves you.

If he’s ever attempted to wash your hair because you said that scene in “Out of Africa” really gets you, then he loves you.

If he makes sure that you never have to sit beside his friend Dominic, the one who never washes his hair and smells like the bottom of a dumpster, then he loves you.

If you are Salma Hayek, then he loves you.

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